• Three Coins In The Fountain
    I am extremely delighted to share with you all that I have been nominated for a mystery blogger award and two sunshine blogger awards. I’m really sorry for making this post so long and answering the questions too late! Heartiest gratitude to all those who nominated me :)) The Mystery Blogger Award Rules of the […]
  • The ever-still duckling
    My first uptake: The bath just did not seem the same anymore especially with the new bath bombs and scented bubbles that come with adulthood. Ever since little Belinda had gone, I was in melancholy. The soap suds felt like rocks on my smooth coat of rubber. My second uptake: I came into this bath, […]
  • It’s never too late!
    July has come bearing my exams! Eek!! I’m literally two days away from the first one. Examinations are probably the reason why I haven’t been active on WordPress for a longer time or tried new animations. Animations take up a lot of time and I seriously don’t have that kind of time. But I wanted […]
  • 100 word fiction in a flash
    She was held captivated by the sight before her eyes. The numerous bottles opened up and stranded over the kitchen counter once more. The rags filthy and everything out of place. Slowly and steadily she stepped towards the counter as if it were the biggest decision of her entire life. She takes out her AirPods […]
  • Horror Flash Fiction
    “Why are you doing this? Why aren’t you content?”, she interrogated him. The vindictive cycle was repeating itself just the thousand times before! “You don’t even trust me in the slightest, so should I just shut up and lock myself? Remain hidden from the outside?”, on and on she went. He didn’t answer, but the […]
  • Sunshine Blogger Award
    I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude to Rishika Jain for nominating me for my first ever blogger award! She has an awesome blog and writes beautifully captivating pieces. Be sure to check out her wondrous page 🙂 The Sunshine Blogger award is given by bloggers to other fellow bloggers who inspire positive ness […]
  • The Forbidden Door
    “Don’t open that door” A voice whispered in her mind It’s the door that should’ve been forbidden For making her revisit it The door to the sorrows of her soul The key is her greed of sympathy Her greed of excuses to avoid working I shall learn to proceed with caution Of the dangers lurking […]
  • The ray of light
    Let the light flood in Let it in your heart Let it open up the chambers You thought were too dark It will cause no harm But will take immense courage To reveal your darkest self In the face of the ray But remember For only after the dark Comes the rain And brings with […]
  • Six Word Story – Leave
    Prompt for Week #44 (Jun 27, 2020 – Jul 4, 2020) Leave I’ve never done this sort of thing before but it was a fun and new writing experience. Here’s my entry: We exist to leave our tale I appreciate all criticism and comments. Help me become a better writer. Leave your opinions in the […]
  • The beginning of the novel in ancient times
    Written for : Image Credit- Pixabay- Ariadne-a-mazed “Alas! The moon has surrendered to us. Now nothing can stop me!”, cackled the sorcerer. Whoosh! A black bat landed on the brim of a cauldron awaiting his masters orders. “They will all cower under my power. Everyone would finally see who the real leader ought to […]
  • 6 Months, 6 Implications
    It’s been almost four months since the lockdown started and things are getting crazier than they were before. COVID 19 has been just the trailer of the horrid series to follow. It has not only affected India badly but also USA. I feel that these two nations are living a movie. In India the pandemic […]
  • Lost among the lilacs
    The wind was singing and so was she as she gently stepped in the field. The glimmering rays of sun danced on the endless field of lilacs. Chirp of the birds and the floral fragrance captivated her. The lilacs consumed her wholly and unknowingly. Lost among the lilacs, she wondered. How the slightest touch in […]
  • Glide away…
    Past the lines of borders Etched upon earth by man Lie twenty fallen Indians Whose souls glide away Past the oceans In a country developed by man Lie innumerable innocent black citizens Whose souls glide away Past those boundaries Ingraved by man Lies the consciousness of humans A soul that could save the day The […]
  • Flash Fiction #FFFC – Mistaken Step
    Jade knew something was wrong as soon as she stepped through the closing glass doors. Gathering her stuff she looked around craning her neck to check whether she was on the right train or not. She bustled through each and every compartment of her steel steed but she couldn’t spot even the slightest hint that […]
  • Fandangos One Word Challenge – Ordinary
    The Pit She looked around the compound Just as she had done all year round Looked for a place to sit In the crowded cafeteria pit Which crowds would allow her to join Give her an easy space to dine She assumed she’d never fit In the crowded cafeteria pit Thought she, it was ordinary […]
  • The Risk #FOWC
    He leaves his abode at the same hour each day. Hut would be an overstatement to the place he calls his home. His poor mother has been infected and so has his wife. His two young ones look up at him, he was their only hope left now. Illiterate yet he knew he had to […]
  • Flash fiction
    Here we go again… I was finally where I had been dreading to be for days, weeks even. It would come like always and like death it was inevitable. I had gotten the opportunity to escape it for the past two-three months but i knew i could not distance myself from it. And there i […]
  • Exploring animation
    Quarantine has bestowed upon me this opportunity of exploring my interests. So with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, I finally stumbled upon animation. I’ve always been fascinated with it but I’ve never really realized i guess. I have a pretty good hand at drawing and I decided to go […]
  • Lockdown from a new perspective
    Most people want nothing more than to go out right now and watch a movie, grab some popcorn or even stroll mindlessly in the park. But most of the times people don’t even know what they want. They’ve been under lockdown for only 3 months now but me? I’ve been under lockdown for almost four […]
  • India’s take on innocent animals
    Animals of are one of Gods most fascinating creations. No matter how wondrous they are, the treatment they receive has been brutal in all forms. Animals such as Elephant, cows, monkey, snake and tiger are worshipped in India and zoolatry is practiced. Elephant representing Lord Ganesha, Cow representing Nandi, Monkey representing Sri Hanuman and Snake […]
  • E-books Vs Paper Books
    Technology has always proven itself to be better than its ancestors. Electronic books or kindles are no stranger to this tradition. With the new and upcoming generation, more technology is better appreciated. But can the same be said about E-books? The only way to resolve this is by facing the facts. 1. Storage: Books come […]
  • The Window
    You know that one thing in your home you think is so awesome and really cool. Well, most people might think it’s my home theatre with its fabulous chairs and fantastic sound system. But for me it is the bay window in my room. A huge semicircle of a window. It has the perfect lighting […]
  • Showers of Locusts
    As per my last blog, we saw that India is now in a tight spot and it will take a miracle for it to be free from that spot. Well, that spot just got tighter. The shower of locusts in Rajasthan and north western part on India has added to the predicament. Seriously, is nature […]
  • COVID19 pairs up with AMPHAN – the tale of two disasters
    As if things weren’t bad already with the dashing entry of COVID19 in the world, India seems to be at the top of satans list. Recently a deadly cyclone known as AMPHAN has attacked the somber states of Kolkata and West Bengal. This is not all. More than 80 people were killed and comparing with […]
  • Scrapbook like a pro! – tips and tricks
    Scrap books are dated way back but they truly reflect your best work. By scrapbooking you basically trap your memory in it’s pages to remind how you felt when the picture or birthday or trip was taken. Sounds like Tom Riddles horcrux doesn’t it? Well, I think that was the kind of idea J.K.Rowling wanted […]
  • Indian or American School?
    India and America are literally on opposite faces of the earth and the same is with their teaching. Both countries have a vast difference in education matters. Quite a lot of people feel that American style is better and some say the Indian one is more productive. Such a ginormous decision can only be made […]
  • Out of your comfort zone
    Summer can be awfully boring in a quarantine! During this time you must be attending online classes or simply binge watching on Netflix or prime. But ask yourselves, aren’t you bored at all? Don’t you want to start something new? Well, if you don’t know where to start, I have the perfect beginning. Do you […]
  • Online Classes – for better or worse
    In the light of the pandemic that is COVID 19, schools all around the globe have risen to their task of providing education. I am strictly speaking in the respect of Indian system of education. How is it different from the traditional one versus the one we face ourselves in? Is it for the better […]