100 word fiction in a flash

She was held captivated by the sight before her eyes. The numerous bottles opened up and stranded over the kitchen counter once more. The rags filthy and everything out of place.

Slowly and steadily she stepped towards the counter as if it were the biggest decision of her entire life. She takes out her AirPods and pops on the tunes. Each carton is put in its place like the pieces of a puzzle falling together or a plot at the end of a murder mystery being linked and discovered. The dirty kitchen counter was her haven from her messed-up life.

Word count: 100

In response to: http://rochellewisoff.com/2020/07/08/10-july-2020/

64 thoughts on “100 word fiction in a flash

      1. I blog about various things. Mostly I answer prompts or wrote poetry and fiction. Other times I write on the rising issues like the conditions in India (where I live). I also blog about tips and comparisons. I guess I’m still exploring this road. It’s hardly been two months since I started blogging!


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