The beginning of the novel in ancient times

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Image Credit- Pixabay- Ariadne-a-mazed

“Alas! The moon has surrendered to us. Now nothing can stop me!”, cackled the sorcerer. Whoosh! A black bat landed on the brim of a cauldron awaiting his masters orders.

“They will all cower under my power. Everyone would finally see who the real leader ought to be. My days of living in the shadows are finally over”, he daydreamed.

“Master, is it ready?”, questioned Barth the bat.

“Just a touch of moonlight at it’s peak will do just the trick”, replied the sorcerer.

THUD! The door to his ancient attic slammed open and climbed in the princess. Hair astray and chin held high.

“Step away from the cauldron, Lucius. You’ve wrecked enough of my kingdom and family”, cried she.

“It’s just the beginning darling. Wait and watch as the potion causes your entire kingdom to fall. Then the only way to restore it would be me”, Lucius replied hoarsely.

With a snap of his fingers, the princess was tied to a chair beside the steaming cauldron.

“You, my dear can be my first customer,” he professed.

“What are you forcing me to take? What is so deadly that would end my kingdom and only leave you as their last hope?”prodded the princess.

“Oh it’s my newest creation”

“COVID19” he whispered slyly

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