6 Months, 6 Implications

It’s been almost four months since the lockdown started and things are getting crazier than they were before. COVID 19 has been just the trailer of the horrid series to follow. It has not only affected India badly but also USA. I feel that these two nations are living a movie.

In India the pandemic led to

1. Lockdown which affected the people’s lives vastly as they were cut of from all work. Poverty and unemployment rates soared.

2. AMPHAN Cyclone which destroyed Orissa and West Bengal harshly. Property loss, lives gone and no money left with the survivors along with no job due to pandemic. Be sure to visit my previous blog on AMPHAN for more 🙂

3. Locusts which are really creepy insects that destroy crops and ruin fields. As if the pandemic wasn’t enough for the poor farmers, the locusts have completely ruined the fields and produce. Also visit previous blog for detailed view.

4. The death of the pregnant elephant raised too many eyes and questioned too many morals of the people who caused this. I’ve mentioned how the mother lost her life due to a pineapple which contained a bomb. Check out that blog!

5. Nepotism in Bollywood has been given a whole different view since the suicide of beloved actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He was not a nepo-kid and constantly suffered various rumours and was on antidepressants. The death of the actor has given rise to an imperative part of the Bollywood industry which is nepotism. Actress Kangana Ranaut shares her experience and dictates how the industry denies and looks down on all outsiders. (Making them feel like Dan Humphrey in gossip girl, great show btw) ;). Even though this small movement may feel like nothing, it will gain momentum and add fire to the fuel.

6. INDO-CHINA TENISION is the biggest threat lurking on our heads. In our national language we have a saying “sir par nnagi talwar latakna”. It means danger is lurking on your head. This is literally India’s condition at this moment. China spread the virus and when other nations turned against it, it realised that it was losing all fear over them. To potentially scare India and threaten it, China deliberately ATTACKED India murdering 20 of it’s bravest soldiers.

These situations are getting borderline dangerous and out of hand. The pandemic has led to this ripple of events and this is NOT the end. The affects of these past six months could possibly be the reason of cascading India’s position in the world and economy. This feels apropos to the tumbling down of a country with a great and inspiring history. One can only hope for these circumstances to faint and become a righteous part of history. The only way to attain that is to get through it and a united nation can provide to be the bridge across this gap.

Signing off and happy writing 😉

20 thoughts on “6 Months, 6 Implications

  1. Nice piece of writing with good analysis. You should hv thrown light on current govts achievement viz a viz souring miseries like unemployment, communal politics, plight of ppl of J&k post 370 and 35a abrogation, containment of COVID19, migrant labourers hardships… etc etc

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    1. You’re right, thank you for your input. I appreciate you taking the time to read and throwing light on this topic. I did mention about unemployment. But I wanted to bring focus on main six things. If I highlighted all the problems it would’ve been endless!

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  2. A wonderful write-up Aahana. The pandemic and Chinese threats from the north are the biggest amongst all. Surprisingly both have their origin in China and are in a way interlinked. We, as a country have to see opportunities in adversity and move on.

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  3. Really great inclusions of every topic, that are seen right now in India..
    In fact we all people on this world facing a hard time, 😶😶
    It’s just starting of a decade and we saw, so many gestures of World, people, nature!!

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