Flash fiction

Here we go again…

I was finally where I had been dreading to be for days, weeks even. It would come like always and like death it was inevitable. I had gotten the opportunity to escape it for the past two-three months but i knew i could not distance myself from it. And there i was, like nothing had changed.

Before I could suffer it, he advised me to relax and lie down. Although I had gone through it thousands of times before, I couldn’t shake of the feeling. Every time would feel like the last.

It was coming closer now, buzzing with electricity like a mindless bee around its magnificent juicy home. He made no effort to retract the device. And why would he? He was being payed for it after all.

My jaw dropped and every inch of me trembled. I close my eyes as to escape the horrid scene before me. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the device was put into motion.

Head pounding and gulping I tried to gather strength. But how could i? Knowing that it was so very near now. I would have to let it in. He has not other option, it was inexorable.

Screwing my eyes so hard they hurt. I finally opened my eyes as he spoke,”Miss, it’s time for you to open your mouth. We don’t have time to waste. We must hurry up.”

I obliged and let the dentist carry the dental drill to my teeth. After all, the cavity wouldn’t be removed if I revoked his actions.

This piece of flash fiction hits a little close to home. Those who don’t have to experience this are the luckiest in the world. Hope you all enjoyed reading it!

Signing off and happy writing 😉

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