The Window

You know that one thing in your home you think is so awesome and really cool. Well, most people might think it’s my home theatre with its fabulous chairs and fantastic sound system. But for me it is the bay window in my room.

A huge semicircle of a window. It has the perfect lighting for pictures and I could sit there all day long. While sitting there I can track the movements of the sun. I can tell the time just by looking at the sun’s position. When the curtains are open in the evening you could witness the most beautiful sunset. The windows at the bottom open up and allow me to go out on to a little ledge. So, even if I’m cooped up in my room now I have a place to escape.

I sit at my bay window during my online classes. They give the perfect lighting and my whole face glows. I sit there when I scrapbook or when I’m copying a DIY. I sit there when I have no where else to go. Sometimes I sit there just to look out at the falling rays or the rising clouds.

Some may say that it is completely barbaric but for me it’s my window of hope. It’s so old that the wood is chipping off. When it rains I can see every drop and every hail. Looking out I can see the traffic, the birds and the butterflies. Even if I’m doing my homework, I can feel the beams of sun protecting me and dancing on me.

That piece of architecture may just be a window but it is no stranger to me. It has helped me in the times I needed it the most. But it is getting old. The wood is darkening and the windows have become rusty. Yet when those curtains open, light floods the room. It feels as if the darkness is no more.

That window has given me more hope and positivity than I could’ve ever imagined a non living thing to give. But when those curtains close, then it comes back to me. All the negativity and sadness searches me. Like dementors, they feed on my happiness. I begin to think of unbearable things. I then realize that the window is my source. No matter who I hate or who I dislike. When those curtains open, I’m at peace.

I wrote this piece when I recently discovered how simple little things in your life can give you all the joy. Hope you enjoyed reading it!

Signing off and happy writing;)

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