COVID19 pairs up with AMPHAN – the tale of two disasters

As if things weren’t bad already with the dashing entry of COVID19 in the world, India seems to be at the top of satans list. Recently a deadly cyclone known as AMPHAN has attacked the somber states of Kolkata and West Bengal. This is not all. More than 80 people were killed and comparing with the death rate of COVID it doesn’t seem like much does it? But when combined this could put India in the worse condition since long. Still a developing third world country, India is not at all ready to face a cyclone on top of a world wide deadly pandemic. To cap it all, not to mention the rates of unemployment which are building up and leading to increasing rates of poverty. Could India be in any worse condition?

AMPHAN struck India on 20th May, 2020. This cyclone was named due a special reason. This is because it is the first over the Bay of Bengal in two decades and is turned into Super Cyclone with winds gusting at a speed of nearly 200 kmph. The cyclone lashed the coastal areas with its ferocious winds and rain. Uprooting of trees, wiping out of buildings and flooded streets greeted the citizens.

The beautiful delta of Sunderban was also hit by the cyclone. It bordered home to 4 million people and the cyclone then moved on to Kolkata. To add the cherry on top, the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has said that the destruction in Kolkata was a ‘bigger disaster than COVID19’.

About 14 million people of Kolkata have been cut off of electricity and are unable to even contact their loved ones or the rightful authorities. Most people were at home when the cyclone hit. This proves that even the lockdown cant save us anymore. People in lockdown who had done no wrong were hit by the calamity in the safety of their own homes.

The cyclone therefore didn’t only result in major devastation of states but also caused the people to break from the lockdown. Without the lockdown and masses roaming in groups COVID19 is likely to take up on the innocent victims of the cyclone AMPHAN. We are also facing the consequences of the cyclone AMHPAN.

The IMD has declared that the cyclone was not the worst face of nature. The Indian capital, Delhi as well as most of north India faced severe heatwave conditions. The weather officials told that part of the reason for the heatwave was the powerful storm – Cyclone Amphan- that struck parts of India and Bangladesh last week. Heatwaves have caused severe all deaths in the past and have widely affected the vegetable vendors, rickshaw operators and those exposed to the weather. With nature taking its turn against India, is the situation going to worsen?

The answer is YES. This has worsened India’s situation much more than it already had been and it could get even worse. With 4K deaths due to the pandemic and more due to the cyclone how is India going to survive this overload. More poverty, unemployment, economy going haywire.

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