Scrapbook like a pro! – tips and tricks

Scrap books are dated way back but they truly reflect your best work. By scrapbooking you basically trap your memory in it’s pages to remind how you felt when the picture or birthday or trip was taken. Sounds like Tom Riddles horcrux doesn’t it? Well, I think that was the kind of idea J.K.Rowling wanted her readers to know about.

I absolutely love the art of scrapbooking. I started by copying my elder sister about six years back and it still excites me when I open my book and look back on those days. The idea came to us when we saw Up, the Disney movie. In the movie, there was a book named the Book Of Adventures and it just got me and my sister going. We couldn’t shake of the idea and started to make a travel scrapbook.

Since its been six years, I’ve really learnt a lot about how you can make your book prettier and presentable. Here are my top tips:

  • Collection: This is one of the most imperative part of scrapbooking. You should collect as many things as you can about your trips. Maps of hotels, adventure parks, historic sites, museums, photographs,pamphlets having hotel information or just useless information but excellent pictures. When I scrapbook, I like using old school material like cutting pictures out of pamphlets and maps instead of printing them. The more stuff you have, the better is your scrapbook.
  • Double it: When any map or pamphlet catches your eye, you should always take two of those. The reason is so that the pamphlet can be used in two ways. Maybe you could paste one as it is and cut out pictures from the other one. Also you never know what could happen on the trip and you might end up spoiling your only pamphlet. Carrying an extra one won’t hurt you ;).
  • Use lots of colors: Your scrapbook should always be colorful and full of bright colors. Colors attract your eyes and using a specific color for specific interests can draw your eye towards them. For example if I want the name of the hotel to be the highlight I would underline or circle it with yellow color so that whenever I open it up, it would be the first thing I would see due to its brightness. Thus, it is quite important for you to use the right color for the right text.
  • The right placing: Before pasting your stuff you should always picture it and place it. Set out an outline of how you want your pages to look before hurrying to fill them out. This helps you to avoid pasting the wrong image with the wrong text on the wrong page. You might as well take your time with it because the right placing can make all the difference on your page. And once you’ve pasted it, there’s no going back, right?
  • Sticker it out: I love stickers and use them all the time. Sometimes I even doodle or simply draw but stickers are the real key highlights of your book. They draw your attention and are a cool and fun way to express how you felt about the whole experience. Stickers don’t really require limits but you should probably not use more than two to three on a single page.
  • Shorten your content: While scrapbooking you must keep in mind that it’s not a diary. Scrapbooks are supposed to have more pictures than words else they become boring. So you shouldn’t include huge paragraphs and long diary enteries. Scrapbooks should be crisp and to the point. Instead of writing about for whole day you could pen down the gist of it or the funny and exciting scenarios that occured.
  • Flaunt the font: Scrapbooks consist of fun and exhilarating content. I always find it really cool to mix up my font and just go with it. For example if I’m writing about Disney parks I would use the curvy Disney lettered font than my usual cursive. I find that it makes the book more presentable and kind of fashionable as well.
  • Catergorize: On your trip you may result in collecting loads and loads of stuff. This could cause you to get confused and jumble up pieces of infromation or even lose one or two. Therefore, I suggest you to carry a file or a folder. On my last trip, I used my iPad cover as a folder to hold up my numerous pamphlets, tickets and maps. Everynight, I would make a list on those complimentrey notepads about what I had done that day. It really helps you to remember all the exciting things you’ve done.
  • Let your creativity shine: The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy while you’re recalling those memories. Pop out some tunes and just let your feelings into your work. Don’t be afraid to try new things and let your creativity work its way. After all your scrapbook defines you and your style. Put all your hard work into it and make the best of that time.

These few tips have guided my scrapbooking throughout and have really helped me. If you’re just getting started it’s really helpful if you buy a scrapbook set with included stickers and glitter. If you have any other tips or problems I’m always open to them.

Signing off and happy scrapbooking;)

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