Indian or American School?

India and America are literally on opposite faces of the earth and the same is with their teaching. Both countries have a vast difference in education matters. Quite a lot of people feel that American style is better and some say the Indian one is more productive. Such a ginormous decision can only be made by comparing the facts.

  1. Course Selection: The onset of eleventh grade in India begins with the selection of the stream you want to choose. These streams define your career and there is no going back once you’ve selected yours. Despite the vastness of this matter, the Indian board or CBSE offers only four choices – Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce and Humanities. This may be a great option if you have a definite path set out for you. However, for those who don’t know, this method doesn’t really allow much or any real choice. In such a case, American schooling is definitely your friend. Not only is there a huge bank to choose subjects from, you can also mix and match. You could take sciences with arts and even have graphic designing as a subject. This is not possible with the Indian method.
  2. Locker System: It may come as a shock to the Indian kids that in foreign schools you are not confined to a single classroom for 8 hours each day. You don’t have to carry a huge bag stuffed with your books for the day. In foreign schools, you get the pleasure of keeping your books and stuff in a locker in the hallway. Sounds cool right?! You keep changing classes instead of being scolded anytime you leave class. It’s not the teacher who changes classes, its the students. Whereas the teachers are given their own offices and own classrooms.
  3. Advance Placement Classes: Advanced Placement or AP classes are the ones that teach college level knowledge about your favorite subject. You are not stuck reading about articles till the tenth grade. AP classes are highly valuable if you want to get in a good college and add to your portfolio. They start as early as ninth grade which is really a shame on the Indian system of teaching. These classes are not even categorized according to grade but according to interest. For example, you could be in an AP class consisting of a ninth, tenth and twelfth grader. The AP classes are counted as a part of your annual progress report in the American schools but in India, even if you prepare for AP, you get no credit for your annual percentage.
  4. Digitally Ahead: The schools in America are digitally progressed. Almost everything they do is online. Kids can take notes on their iPads in class! The students even have better homework and that’s really saying something. Instead of doing question answers as a homework, you may be asked to write a review on a recent movie. In most Indian schools there aren’t any projections for visual display of content in the books but in foreign schools, there are visual classes almost every day. Crazy, isn’t it? Almost all the homework they receive is to be done on your computer and is to be mailed to the teacher. Online textbooks, numerous study groups and so much more.
  5. Counselor: A counselor is a person who guides you into building your portfolio, advising you to go for competitions, classes and basically everything related to your academia and that too for free. At least in the case of foreign schools. The students there are instructed by their counselors into choosing the best available options and the appropriate colleges. Counselors are extremely helpful because they have a bucketload of experience. They provide insights into your future besides those from your parents and your family. If you ever feel lost about your academic behavior a counselor is always there to help you out in foreign schools. In Indian schooling however, there is no counselor. You can surely pay for one but this shows how backward the Indian schooling is from the American one.

These are the top five reasons American schools are so much better for you if you really care about your studies. So, if you have the option of going there do not miss out on it because you will regret it. But it is up to you for deciding your path.

Signing off and happy writing 😉

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