Out of your comfort zone

Summer can be awfully boring in a quarantine! During this time you must be attending online classes or simply binge watching on Netflix or prime. But ask yourselves, aren’t you bored at all? Don’t you want to start something new? Well, if you don’t know where to start, I have the perfect beginning.

Do you ever recall your mom nagging you to do something you really really don’t want to and you keep ignoring her? The reason you ignore her is that the task is out of your comfort zone.

You are confined in this bubble where any ideas or tasks beyond your comfort are instantly exterminated. Any change is automatically rejected by your body. To quote mean girls ‘word vomit’. This quarantine is the perfect time to start something out of your reach. I know you may not want to do so.

Blogging was one of the things my mom nagged me about. I really didn’t wish to share my thoughts with the world. Probably because the world is harsh and judgmental but I eventually gave up and started blogging. Now even though it’s my second blog, I’m starting to grow fond of it.

In this difficult time, the whole world is going through something out of their comfort zone. Nations are tumbling down and the economy is even worse. Tension between nations is rising at a tremendous rate. None of this was ever planned but was resisted and put off. Ignored to say the least. Now you see where they are.

The place they thought for themselves is obviously not the right one. Probably because they ignored it. Therefore, it is inadvisable for you to follow their path. Trying something new won’t kill you. In fact it would make people think that you’re open to new things and who doesn’t wanna be open to changes. After all change is the only permanent thing.

Maybe because you’ve never broken that bubble, you don’t know what’ll happen and you’re scared. I know that because I’ve gone through the same process. But you’ll need to trust yourself and the people who have given you this advice. Whatever it is, I’m certain of the fact that if you try, you’ll surely surprise yourself

Signing off and happy writing;)

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