100 word fiction in a flash

She was held captivated by the sight before her eyes. The numerous bottles opened up and stranded over the kitchen counter once more. The rags filthy and everything out of place.

Slowly and steadily she stepped towards the counter as if it were the biggest decision of her entire life. She takes out her AirPods and pops on the tunes. Each carton is put in its place like the pieces of a puzzle falling together or a plot at the end of a murder mystery being linked and discovered. The dirty kitchen counter was her haven from her messed-up life.

Word count: 100

In response to: http://rochellewisoff.com/2020/07/08/10-july-2020/

Horror Flash Fiction

“Why are you doing this? Why aren’t you content?”, she interrogated him. The vindictive cycle was repeating itself just the thousand times before!

“You don’t even trust me in the slightest, so should I just shut up and lock myself? Remain hidden from the outside?”, on and on she went.

He didn’t answer, but the anger kept cooking up and suddenly exploded!

He got up and pushed her into the wall behind, smacking her scarless face all the while.

“Don’t you dare ever question me!”, threatened he. With a long stride, he left slamming the door as she shrieked through the cracks.

Locked in, she racked her brain, wondering what to do next. Suddenly the door creaked open.

He stepped in and came closer. She didn’t back down but stood up taller like a skyscraper!

Stretching out his gigantic arms, he goes in for a hug. But she doesn’t greet those false arms.

“What are you doing?!”, she quivered.

“Isn’t this…Romantic?” he asked, smiling that vicious smile.

“You’re a psychopath!”

In response to Lucy’s Works

Signing off and happy writing 😉

Sunshine Blogger Award

I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude to Rishika Jain for nominating me for my first ever blogger award! She has an awesome blog and writes beautifully captivating pieces. Be sure to check out her wondrous page 🙂

The Sunshine Blogger award is given by bloggers to other fellow bloggers who inspire positive ness and creativity in the Blogging Community.

Rules for the nominees:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.

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The Ethereal Unicorn’s Questions For Nominees:

1. What would your best day look like? Explain?

My best day would be the day when I finally achieve my dream of studying abroad and settling in. Going to new classes and mostly learning more about grammar and literature. Either this or me and my family just relaxing without anything else going on, completely unplugged from the world. That’s why I love taking cruises 🙂

2. What is your favorite place to grab a good meal?

Pret A Manger, the Cheesecake Factory or savory street food ranging from sweet potato chaat to golgappas 😉 But considering the current situation, I love eating all the delicious homemade pizzas, chaats and pastas my mom makes :D.

3. What would you prefer a strawberry Soft Ice Cream Cone or a Frozen Vanilla Yogurt?

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I would prefer Frozen Vanilla Yogurt with tons of chocolate chips and chocolate sauce.

4. What is your favorite genre of music to listen to?

My taste in music ranges from Pop music to just simple classical beats.

5. Have you ever watched the horror movies about ” The Saw ”?

I’m not a killer for horror movies so I haven’t watched “the Saw” but I do love murder mystery novels and movies. My favorite one has been the Murder On The Orient Express.

6. What genre of books is your best for your eyes to consume?

I love reading fantasy, fiction, murder mystery, classics and adventurous books.

7. What dream place would you really enjoy visiting?

My dream place would be visiting the colleges or universities on the north-eastern side of US. I would kill to visit even one of the Ivy league universities.

8. Do you believe in life on other planets?

Sort of, I haven’t really given this much of a thought but I believe if there is something out there then why hasn’t it revealed itself. I think of aliens all a huge part of science fiction, I guess.

9. Have you ever seen a UFO?

No, I have never seen a UFO. But I plan on keeping my eyes peeled for them even of they are science fiction in my books 😉

10. What is your dream type of work for life?

Being in high school, I have been exploring my options and trying to figure out what I can pursue when I’m of the age. I think I sometimes daydream of what being an author would be like or even a doctor. I find myself testing me whether I’d be good at either. But I’m still finding out and I have a ton of time to decide 🙂

11. Have you ever thought of moving to another country to live?

Numerous times!!!! I would love to shift to USA full time majorly because of my studies. I know that i do not wish to be confined in this town anymore and I want to get out and start traversing new options and opportunities. There is so much out there that I can’t access because of where I live and I feel that a person’s home shouldn’t stop them from getting what they want.

My nominees:

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2. SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️: https://saania2806.wordpress.com

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My questions for my nominees :

1. What is your pet peeve?

2. What is your favorite genre of books?

3. Do you watch Netflix? If yes, which is your favorite movie/series on Netflix?

4. Do you prefer street food or restraunts?

5. Would you rather live on a beach such as Hawaii or in a city like New York? Why?

6. Which subject do you dislike or hate the most and why?

7. Have you developed and new skill during the pandemic? Elaborate.

8. Why did you start blogging in the first place?

9. Any obstacle which you overcame to continue your heartiest desires?

10. Which book is your favorite and why?

11. Which creature fascinates you the most? Why?

The Forbidden Door

“Don’t open that door”

A voice whispered in her mind

It’s the door that should’ve been forbidden

For making her revisit it

The door to the sorrows of her soul

The key is her greed of sympathy

Her greed of excuses to avoid working

I shall learn to proceed with caution

Of the dangers lurking behind that door

For once it is opened

I’m sure I’ll gain a couple pounds

The ray of light

Let the light flood in

Let it in your heart

Let it open up the chambers

You thought were too dark

It will cause no harm

But will take immense courage

To reveal your darkest self

In the face of the ray

But remember

For only after the dark

Comes the rain

And brings with it the rainbow

Don’t be afraid to let go

Or let in

That sparking beam of light

Word count : 72 words

Written for: Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #fffc

Signing off and happy writing 😉

The beginning of the novel in ancient times

Written for : http://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/06/22/what-do-you-see-35-22-june-2020/

Image Credit- Pixabay- Ariadne-a-mazed

“Alas! The moon has surrendered to us. Now nothing can stop me!”, cackled the sorcerer. Whoosh! A black bat landed on the brim of a cauldron awaiting his masters orders.

“They will all cower under my power. Everyone would finally see who the real leader ought to be. My days of living in the shadows are finally over”, he daydreamed.

“Master, is it ready?”, questioned Barth the bat.

“Just a touch of moonlight at it’s peak will do just the trick”, replied the sorcerer.

THUD! The door to his ancient attic slammed open and climbed in the princess. Hair astray and chin held high.

“Step away from the cauldron, Lucius. You’ve wrecked enough of my kingdom and family”, cried she.

“It’s just the beginning darling. Wait and watch as the potion causes your entire kingdom to fall. Then the only way to restore it would be me”, Lucius replied hoarsely.

With a snap of his fingers, the princess was tied to a chair beside the steaming cauldron.

“You, my dear can be my first customer,” he professed.

“What are you forcing me to take? What is so deadly that would end my kingdom and only leave you as their last hope?”prodded the princess.

“Oh it’s my newest creation”

“COVID19” he whispered slyly

6 Months, 6 Implications

It’s been almost four months since the lockdown started and things are getting crazier than they were before. COVID 19 has been just the trailer of the horrid series to follow. It has not only affected India badly but also USA. I feel that these two nations are living a movie.

In India the pandemic led to

1. Lockdown which affected the people’s lives vastly as they were cut of from all work. Poverty and unemployment rates soared.

2. AMPHAN Cyclone which destroyed Orissa and West Bengal harshly. Property loss, lives gone and no money left with the survivors along with no job due to pandemic. Be sure to visit my previous blog on AMPHAN for more 🙂

3. Locusts which are really creepy insects that destroy crops and ruin fields. As if the pandemic wasn’t enough for the poor farmers, the locusts have completely ruined the fields and produce. Also visit previous blog for detailed view.

4. The death of the pregnant elephant raised too many eyes and questioned too many morals of the people who caused this. I’ve mentioned how the mother lost her life due to a pineapple which contained a bomb. Check out that blog!

5. Nepotism in Bollywood has been given a whole different view since the suicide of beloved actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He was not a nepo-kid and constantly suffered various rumours and was on antidepressants. The death of the actor has given rise to an imperative part of the Bollywood industry which is nepotism. Actress Kangana Ranaut shares her experience and dictates how the industry denies and looks down on all outsiders. (Making them feel like Dan Humphrey in gossip girl, great show btw) ;). Even though this small movement may feel like nothing, it will gain momentum and add fire to the fuel.

6. INDO-CHINA TENISION is the biggest threat lurking on our heads. In our national language we have a saying “sir par nnagi talwar latakna”. It means danger is lurking on your head. This is literally India’s condition at this moment. China spread the virus and when other nations turned against it, it realised that it was losing all fear over them. To potentially scare India and threaten it, China deliberately ATTACKED India murdering 20 of it’s bravest soldiers.

These situations are getting borderline dangerous and out of hand. The pandemic has led to this ripple of events and this is NOT the end. The affects of these past six months could possibly be the reason of cascading India’s position in the world and economy. This feels apropos to the tumbling down of a country with a great and inspiring history. One can only hope for these circumstances to faint and become a righteous part of history. The only way to attain that is to get through it and a united nation can provide to be the bridge across this gap.

Signing off and happy writing 😉

Lost among the lilacs

The wind was singing and so was she as she gently stepped in the field. The glimmering rays of sun danced on the endless field of lilacs. Chirp of the birds and the floral fragrance captivated her. The lilacs consumed her wholly and unknowingly. Lost among the lilacs, she wondered. How the slightest touch in this perfect place would create a ripple amongst those lilacs. She dreaded vis-à-vis with this ripple. The life changing alteration amongst all the delicate violet and ever wondrous blossom. Will those pretentious lilacs crumble or put up a fight?

Written for

Fandango’s one word challenge


Ragtag Daily Prompt


Putting my feet in the dirt

#11 Lost among the lilacs

Glide away…

Past the lines of borders

Etched upon earth by man

Lie twenty fallen Indians

Whose souls glide away

Past the oceans

In a country developed by man

Lie innumerable innocent black citizens

Whose souls glide away

Past those boundaries

Ingraved by man

Lies the consciousness of humans

A soul that could save the day

The soul is yours

and yours to keep

Now it is time to show the

Truth hidden beneath

Written for FOWC


I dedicate this piece to the twenty Indian soldiers murdered in the clash with Chinese troops. Also dedicated to black people everywhere. Black Lives Matter.

I welcome all criticism with open arms. Help me be a better writer! Comment your thoughts 🙂

I’m exhilarated to share with you all that it’s officially been a month since I started blogging. I thank you all for the incredible support and love you have given to me. I would’ve never imagined blogging being a part of my life. Hope to keep writing more!

Signing off and happy writing 😉